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Fires by Design

Welcome to our new concept in service, 'Fires by Design', the bespoke design service from Mendip Fireplaces. From a new grate to a fireplace like no other, 'Fires by Design' offers a complete bespoke service.

We can design, have made and arrange the installation of anything fireplace related anywhere in your home, no matter where you live.

If you are interested in finding out more about Fires by Design and the range of services and expertise that we are able to provide, please call Jeremy White at Mendip Fireplaces on 01749 344015, fill out our online form or e-mail.

Made to Order Surrounds

Can't find what you want? How about getting it made to order?

We can arrange to have almost anything that you might require made to order. From one-off multi fuel fires that make a statement to odd shaped grates and the perfect fire surround, we can help.

Due to our comprehensive experience here at Mendip Fireplaces, we are able to offer a bespoke fire surround service. We are able to design and have made a fire surround of the exact size, shape, material, finish, colour, pattern or stain that you may desire.

If you are interested in receiving a range of brochures or discussing our Bespoke service, please call us on 01749 344015, fill out an enquiry form or email.


Chimneys and Flues

The return of some traditional styles of architecture and interiors means more and more householders are looking for a fireplace and chimney in their home.

The provision of an all-fuel chimney in a house has a number of advantages. It provides flexibility of choice, reduces condensation problems and adds value to the property.

The purpose of a chimney is to remove all the products of combustion safely from the building to the outside air. To achieve this a good updraft is created because the flue gases rising from the fire are lighter than the surrounding air. If the gases cool too much in the flue, or the flue is too small, too large or subject to adverse wind pressure, then the updraft is reduced. This may lead to a sluggish performance or fume emission into the room . Fume emission (a smokey fire) is not only inconvenient and unpleasant, but can be dangerous.

Mendip Fireplaces offer a comprehensive advice and supply service for your chimney and flue, covering all types of fires and stoves.

Efficient Fires

How Efficient Fires Work
1 - Room air drawn into inlet
2 - Passes beneath and around fire box
3 - Reaches maximum temperature over the hottest part of the fire.
4 - Is forced into hot air duct and expelled into the room.
5 - Hot air jet rises and circulates to the back of the room.
6 - Throat restrictor minimises heat loss into the chimney while ensuring satisfactory combustion and smoke clearance.