Why choose Jackdoor?

Flue and pot sizes

“JACK DOOR” standard guards are suitable for flues from 175mm(7″) to 250mm(10″) diameter and can be fitted to many shapes and styles of pot. Examples – Roll-top, Cannon-head, Louvre, Bishop, Square, Octagon or plain projecting flue liner. A flat top fixing kit is available for fitting to a chimney with no pot. Larger models and specials are also available to order. A special model is available to fit Marcone(Redbank)or Vortex(Hepworth)anti-downdraught pots up to 990 high.


All models have fixings made entirely of stainless steel which fix to the outside of the pot, away from corrosive fumes and soot. A single screw makes fitting and removal quick and simple. The fixing bands are extremely strong and secure and cannot be detached by birds pecking or knocked off during chimney sweeping. See diagram for fixing method.


Unlike many other terminals,“JACKDOOR”guards are very unobtrusive from the ground, making them suitable for listed buildings and other sensitive locations.

Rain caps

Standard rain caps incorporate a gutter(patentapplied for). The gutter collects the rain and wind pressure directs the run-off away from the flue, thus keeping out more rain than a conventional cap.

Chimney sweeping

Chimneys should be swept in the normal way. The guard can be cleaned using a 250mm(10″)medium-stiff wire-centred polypropylene brush rotated in the guard. In cases of severe wood tar build up due to incorrect use of a woodburning stove, access to the pot and cleaning with a wire brush may be required.

British Standards

All guards comply with the requirements of Building Regulations 2002 document J. Gas models comply with the requirements of BS 5871.2 2005 Installation of decorative fuel-effect gas fires(minimumflue size allowed is 175mm(7″) diameter. Standard guards comply for flues from 175mm(7”) to 250mm(10″) diameter. Larger models and specials are also available.


All our guards are made of heavy guage high grade stainless steel mesh for corrosion resistance and a long life. ALL other components and fixings are also of stainless steel. Other guards made from galvanised or powder coated steel or aluminium will need more frequent replacement at considerable labour cost. Rain caps are also of heavy guage stainless steel, not lightweight spinnings.


All models come with a 5 year free replacement guarantee covering faulty workmanship or materials and corrosion during normal domestic use. This guarantee is limited to free replacement of the guard. It does not cover fitting or any other incidental costs. This guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

1) The defective guard must be returned post paid to the manufacturer for inspection.

2) Proof of purchase date must be provided(senda copy of the invoice or receipt from the appointed stockist from whom the guard was purchased).

3) A guarantee claim question-sheet must be completed and sent with the defective guard. Question sheets are available from the appointed stockist or by post from the manufacturer.(Completion of this sheet will help us to develop and improve the product by identifying particularly corrosive fuels or locations.)

This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights. Due to a policy of continued development we reserve the right to alter details of specification without notice.