Extra Large Chimney Bird Guard for Gas

Extra Large Chimney Bird Guard for Gas

Solid Fuel Chimney Bird Guard

Solid Fuel Chimney Bird Guard

Chimney bird guards
Hand made, unobtrusive & guaranteed

Jackdoor supply high quality, unobtrusive, stainless steel chimney bird guards, designed to deter nesting birds. Our bird guards are hand made and fit most standard chimney pots. If you have a specific requirement for an unusual pot, please contact us and we would be pleased to design and manufacture a guard suited to your needs.

Most chimney bird guards can be fitted with a rain cap to keep excess rain out of your chimney.  Please use the drop down menu on the product page to specify with or without rain cap.  Price will vary depending on your choice.

Why You Need A Chimney Bird Guard

So you have spent a large amount of savings on your dream open fire. You are sat on a cold winter’s evening, snuggled up with your hot chocolate admiring the new set up and WHAM! Down the chimney comes a crashing pile of sticks and rubble and WHOOSH! Into the room comes clouds of smoke and ash, ruining your new carpet and potentially sending your house up in flames.

Boy I wish I’d put that bird guard on top of my chimney!

The most common cause of blocked chimneys is the construction of a bird nest in the flue, and the Jackdaw is the most common bird to create such a nest.

The Jackdaw is a black plumaged bird in the crow family and they are found in both rural and urban areas. They build simple nests of sticks and twigs, lined with hair, rags, bark, soil, and many other materials. They build them in cavities in trees, cliffs or buildings and the crevice is often improved by dropping sticks into it; the nest is then built on top of the platform formed. This behaviour has led to the blocking of chimneys and has even resulted in nests crashing down into fireplaces, sometimes with birds still on them.

The nest can be removed by sweeping them out from the bottom, not from the top of the flue. Typically, the nest is constructed at the level of the top floor ceiling height, about 3 metres from the pot. If not removed, nests can absorb moisture and create damp patches on the chimney breast, as well as bad smells.

If you discover you have Jackdaws or other birds nesting in your chimney, you do need to be aware that wild birds, their eggs and young are protected by law. Any birds seen nesting in a chimney should be left alone. For advice on removing the birds, the RSPCA website can help

To avoid birds returning to the chimney the following year, ensure a chimney bird guard is fitted to the chimney once the nest has been removed.

About Jackdoor

We sstock a wide range of flue and chimney products, we are often asked for a neat and unobtrusive bird guard for a new chimney or re-lining. But when shown what was previously available, most of our customers said “I’m not having that ugly, great thing stuck up on my chimney”. Of the few we did sell, most came back within the year, buckled, bent and corroded, having been knocked off by the wind, the sweep, or a persistent jackdaw. So, fifteen years ago we designed our own guard, and launched it on the market.

These are now sold by many Fireplace shops, Heating Equipment specialists and Chimney Sweeps nationally or are available direct from our shop.